AWCA Grand Versatility Champions

In order to earn the title of Grand Versatility Champion, dogs need to satisfy the requirements for Versatility Champion (earning 15 points from 6 activity categories, with at least 2 points from Advanced level work in 2 different categories) PLUS any 3 of the following 4 titles:  Stock Work, HX or higher; Obedience, UD or higher; Scent Work, TDX or higher, or 3 live, cadaver, narcotics, explosives, or agricultural finds, documented by authorities; Canine Sports – Agility, AX or AXJ or its equivalent or higher.

These four dogs have earned this distinction with their outstanding work.


GVCH Ch. Tartanside Trailwind Tallyho, UDTX, HT, AX, VX, EAC, NJC, CGC

Owned by Sue Larson

GVCH awarded 2005


GVCH Ar-Zoo Iron Maiden, UDTX, HX, HTD-I, HRD-II, OA, OAJ

Owned by Suzanne Schwab

GVCH awarded 2005


GVCH, Can.OTCh, ATCh, & BISS Can./Am. Ch. Signet’s “Way To Go!” Woodruff, Am.(CDX, HSAs, RE, NA, NAJ), Can. (DD, HA, SDA, AgX, AgXJ, RE), RX-MCL, STDsd, HRDII, RLFII, HTADI, BronzeAOM, ExStBronze, ExGBronze, ExJBronze, MSCDC, MSDC, VBA, EAC, TN-E, TG-O, OCC, OJC, HP-N, WV-N, CGC, CRTX, VX, AOM-II

Owned by Marilyn Clayton

GVCH awarded 2011


GVCH Ch. Deep River’s Beltane, VCD2, UD, BN, RAE, RM, TD, HXAs, HXAM-d, HXB-d, HRD-Isg, HTD-Id, AX, AXJ, XF, SWA, SCM, SIE, SBM, SHDN, CGC, MDR1n/n

Owned by Susan Klein

GVCH awarded 2020

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