New Titles for Fall 2018

New Champion Tracker Title!!



CT Wild Wind Howlin Smokestack Lightnin, BN, RA, SCN, SEN, CGC, TKN, owned by Stuart & Gayle Lease

CT earned recently

New Rally Novice Title!!


Owned by Leah Ursic

RN earned June 2018

New Herding Advanced A Ducks Title!!


Riverside Seawaif Spinnaker, PCD, BN, HXAds, CGC, owned by Anne Robinson

HXAd earned October 2018

New Rally Excellent Title!!


Clarion Silver Sleuth, RE, CGC, owned by Jeffrey Tallackson

RE earned September 2018

New Trick Dog Intermediate Title!!


Tartanside Scotian Sizzle, CD, RE, CGC, TKI, owned by Debbie Wenzel

TKI earned September 2018

New Temperament Tested, Novice FAST, Canine Good Citizen Advanced & Urban Titles!!


Owned by Joany White

TT, NF, CGCA, CGCU earned recently

New Canine Good Citizen Advanced & Urban Titles!!


Owned by Joany White

CGCA, CGCU earned recently

New Barn Hunt Master Champion 6 Title!!


Fibber McGee From Dundee, No Molly, CD, BN, GN RE, PT, THD, RATCHX6, FDC, CGC, owned by Rose Hutches

RATCHX6 earned September 2018

New Barn Hunt Master Champion, Crazy-8 Gold, & Trick Dog Intermediate Titles!!


Owned by Terry Dalla Valle

RATCHX, Crazy 8 Gold, TKI earned September 2018

New C-Wags Scent Detective Titles!!


BISS Ch. Cherfire’s Bella Starr, CGN, HIC, CRACL, BPDX, CRNT, CW-SD, VC


Davenloch SolhavenKoliako Aura, HIC, CGN, RN BPDX, CW-SD


Ch. Koliako Simply Bodacious, CW-SD

Owned by Kornelia Geldrich

CW-SD earned recently

New C-Wags Scent Investigator Title!!


Ch. Davenloch Koliako Intoxicating, CGN, HIC, BPDX, CW-SI CRMCL, RA, VC, owned by Kornelia Geldrich

CW-SI earned recently

New Senior Barn Hunt Title!!


Owned by Linnea Ulrich

RATS earned July 2018

New Herding Advanced A Ducks Title!!


GCH Ch. Nirvana’s Sunshines Ghost Rider, BN, HXAd, FDC, TKA, CGC, owned by Ann-Marie Ely

HXAd earned recently

New Rally Intermediate, Canine Good Citizen, & Canine Good Citizen Advanced Titles!!


Halcyon Days The Forth Be With Ewe, RI, TKI, CGCA, owned by Kim Broster

RN, RI, CGC, CGCA earned recently

New Tracking Dog Excellent & Herding Started A Sheep Titles!!


Ch. Wild Wind’s Irresistible, BN, RN, TDX, NA, OAJ, OF, HSAs, CGC, TKI, VX, owned by Sally Richardson

TDX & HSAs earned September 2018

New Rally Novice & Herding Instinct Certification Titles!!


Riverrun Galatean Full Tilt, RN, HIC, ACT2, RATO, HRAT, TKN, CGC, owned by Anne Lively

RN earned September 2018; HIC earned October 2018

New S.T.A.R. Puppy!!


Mountainside Takin' The Love Train, STAR Puppy, owned by Joany White

S.T.A.R earned recently

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