New Titles for Winter 2019

New Herding Started A Sheep Title!!

Fibber McGee

Fibber McGee From Dundee, No Molly, CD, BN, GN, RE, HSAs, THD, RATCHX6, FDC, CGC, owned by Rose Hutches

HSAs earned recently

New Herding Started A Sheep, Coursing Ability Advanced, & BCAT Titles!!



Sweet Molly From Greenup, CD, BN, RA HSAs, RATCH, CAA, BCAT ,THD, CGC, TKI, owned by Rose Hutches

HSAs, CAA, BCAT earned recently

New Trick Dog Novice & Canine Good Citizen Titles!!


New Beginner Novice 3 Title!!


New Beginner Novice 2 Title!!


Owned by Joany White

TKN, CGC, BN3, BN2 earned recently

New Companion Dog Excellent, Herding Advanced A Sheep & Ducks, & Versatile Companion Dog 2 Titles!!


Ch. Deep River’s Beltane, VCD2, PUTD, RE, AX, AXJ, XF, HXAs,d, HIBd, HRD1g,s, HTD1d, CGC, owned by Susan Klein

CDX, HXAds, VCD2 earned recently

New Tracking Dog Excellent & Companion Dog Titles!!


Ch. Wild Wind's Irresistible, CD, BN, RN, TDX, NA, OAJ, OF, HSAs, CGC, TKI, VX, owned by Sally Richardson

TDX & CD earned Fall 2018

New Herding Tested, Trick Dog Advanced, & Novice Interior Scent Work Titles!!


Halcyon Days The Forth Be With Ewe, RI, HT, SIN, TKA, CGCA, owned by Kim Broster

HT, TKA, SIN earned recently

New Trick Dog Novice & Canine Good Citizen Titles!!


Halcyon Days Guardian Of The Galaxy, CGC, TKN, owned by Kim Broster

TKN, CGC earned recently

New Backpacking Dog Excellent Title!!


A Dazzling Success, BN, RA, RL1, ITD, TPK, CGCA, BPDX, VC, owned by Jackie Wyandt

BPDX earned Fall 2018


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